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Our company

We are dedicated to bringing consumers together with the financial service providers that can best meet their needs - whether that's a first time buyer looking for the lowest rate mortgage or a business owner looking for funding to take their company to the next level.

Providing market-leading clear and simple comparisons for consumers has been our goal since we launched in 2004 and remains central to how we develop our services. We are proud of our award-winning website, but remain focused on continually improving what we deliver. That’s why we’re constantly expanding the range of products we compare, developing new comparison tools and generally making things easier and quicker for our users to find the right products.

Our in-house PPC team’s continuous desire to be the best-in-field, together with our commitment to embrace, test and trial the latest technology developments, ensures we are able to compete in paid search positions alongside the biggest names in financial comparison.

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 Our Culture

As a company, we have always strived to be competitive yet down-to-earth – which is evident in our comparison services and our approach to marketing our brand.

Our company culture is also informed by our location in the heart of Norwich’s historic city centre. It is a vibrant, welcoming city that boasts an unexpectedly thriving digital and financial sector – of which we are proud to be a part.

Our office is a relaxed yet industrious environment in which we promote a healthy, open working culture for our team. At the same time, delivering quality is key across all aspects of the business and we work collaboratively to ensure that standards are kept high in all areas.

Most of all, however, our culture of competitiveness and pragmatism is embodied by our dedicated team who have built strong relationships with clients and users alike. Whether working together to develop a new product channel or battling it out in our office foosball tournaments, it is their commitment and enthusiasm that continues to drive the business forwards.

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